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CBT for Psychosis Seminar Series

In lectures, clinicians learn the appropriate skills for conducting CBT in sessions with patients. These lectures include video demonstrations of "what to do" and "what not to do" to assist in learning the skills necessary.

Once the clinicians have participated in the role-play, they receive feedback from the other clinicians in the group. Together they discuss what the clinician did well and what could be improved upon for the future.

Clinicians then have the opportunity to participate in role-plays with a professional actor and practice the skills they learned during the lectures.

After receiving feedback from the group, Dr. Landa offers suggestions to the clinician to implement in future encounters with patients.

Resolving Ambivalence - What to Do / What Not to Do

Therapist - Yulia Landa / Patient - Michael Jacobs 


The above video is an example of the types of skills that will be taught during the CBT for Psychosis Seminar Series. During the practicum portion of the course, these skills will be demonstrated and practiced with a simulated patient/actor.

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