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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis Seminar Series

The objective of this course is to provide clinicians with an advanced understanding and skills in using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for psychosis. 

Session 1​

Summary of CBT for Psychosis: Theory and Research

​Sessions 2 and 3

Engagement and Insight Oriented Therapist Interventions

​Sessions 4 and 5

Cognitive Behavioral Assessment of Psychotic Experiences

​Sessions 6 and 7

Cognitive Behavioral Formulation of Psychotic Symptoms

​Session 8

Change Strategies: Cognitive Techniques

​Session 9

Change Strategies: Behavioral Techniques

​Session 10

CBT Strategies for Delusions

​Session 11

CBT Strategies for Hallucinations

​Session 12

CBT Strategies for Thought or Communication Disorders

Session 13

CBT Strategies for Negative Symptoms

Session 14

Group CBT for Voices

Session 15

Group CBT for Paranoia

Session 16

Group CBT for Delusions

Session 17

Relapse Prevention

Session 18

ABC of CBT In-Patient Group Demonstration

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